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DVA engineering B.V. is ISO 9001 and VCA* certified
ISO 9001 and VCA* certified
Client project: Municipality of Wijdemeren
Client: Busker B.V. Hei- en Waterwerken
At the former locations Ottenhome/Kompas and the Swingboei, villas, apartments, a catering facility and a small marina will be realised.
At the Swingboei, three semi-detached houses will be built on an existing piece of land. At Ottenhome, several types of housing will be realised on a reclaimed stretch of land. Both locations will be undergoing excavation works.

All houses will be adjacent to water or partly stand in the water. Soil retaining will be achieved by means of sheet piling.

DVA has considered the structural aspects of sheet piling and anchoring.
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