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DVA engineering B.V. is ISO 9001 and VCA* certified
ISO 9001 and VCA* certified
Everything is possible with our expertise
DVA is an independent, dynamic engineering firm with experienced and competent consultants/engineers in several disciplines within the field of civil engineering. DVA uses craftmanship, enthusiasm and clarity to deliver high quality technical knowledge.

DVA stands for Design, Verification & Assistance.
Why opt for DVA engineering?
We apply our expertise in areas where we are strong. Good knowledge of technical design possibilities, thorough knowledge of the construction market and insight into the economic application of materials make it possible to develop issues quickly and efficiently.

The strength of DVA lies in the longstanding expertise of its employees. DVA unites a wide range of disciplines from the civil engineering world. Our flexible organizational structure and short lines of communication enable us to cooperate with our clients, to ensure a good and controlled result.
Design, Verification & Assistance
Design and verification are the pillars of DVA. DVA also regularly supplies key players to clients and contractors in the construction process who are temporarily looking for a qualified colleague. This is how we implement the last letter of our company name: Assistance. In recent years, we have carried out our activities both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Thank you very much for the very pleasant and constructive cooperation. You are a talented team and I am very grateful everything worked out so well.

J. Frelink Ingenieursbureau Gemeente Amsterdam [Amsterdam Municipal Engineering Office] / For the Strawinsky area development project in the Zuidas

Very well elaborated, thank you for the commitment so far!

M. Oomen Gebr. Oomen b.v.