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DVA engineering B.V. is ISO 9001 and VCA* certified
ISO 9001 and VCA* certified
Client project: N.V. Hydron Midden-Nederland
Management: Royal Haskoning B.V.
Client: Heijmans Beton- en Waterbouw B.V.
Hydron Midden-Nederland has decided to replace the Tull en ’t Waal pumping station. The new building will contain an expansion of the purification process, with softening in granular reactors. After completion, Hydron Midden-Nederland will supply approximately six million cubic metres of softened drinking water from the new pumping station to customers in Nieuwegein, Schalkwijk and Houten.
The new building, with a length of approximately 65 m and a width of approximately 25 m, will protrude approximately 10 m above the existing ground level. Underneath the building two cellars will be built to a level of approximately 3.25 m and 4.0 m below ground level. An underground pipeline tunnel, approximately 101 m long, has been designed on the west side of the building. Due to the large amount of ground water to be pumped, the cellars and tunnel will be manufactured in a closed, temporary building pit. Underwater concrete and prefabricated piles ensure a perfect sealing of the construction pit.
Heijmans Beton- en Waterbouw asked DVA to carry out the design calculations for the pumping station to record the main force effect in the main structures as a result of the loads that occur. 

After it appeared that a significant proportion of the prefabricated poles had been damaged, DVA was asked to draw up a repair plan for the main contractor in a short space of time at little extra cost. The plan provided for the replacement of the foundation piles, which were no longer usable, by a double sheet piling profile.
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