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DVA engineering B.V. is ISO 9001 and VCA* certified
ISO 9001 and VCA* certified
Client project: Municipality of Venlo
Client: Ballast Nedam Funderingstechniek B.V. / Ballast Nedam Specialistisch Grondverzet B.V.
The new municipal office is an icon on the Meuse that proudly refers to the agrologistic tradition of the city. At the same time, it places Venlo at the centre of attention for Cradle to Cradle design. The municipal office is represented according to these principles and results in a building that combines a comfortable and healthy work environment with sustainable innovation.
The municipal office is situated on a plot that is bounded by the Eindhovenseweg, Veilingstraat, Molensingel and Professor Gelissensingel. The building has a surface area of approximately 13,500 m² gross floor area (GFA). The basement of the municipal office houses a public underground car park with a capacity of 400 parking spaces in three layers.
DVA provided a geotechnical consultant during the execution phase, who was involved in, among other things, the design of the construction pit: 
⦁ Diaphragm wall;
⦁ Deeply applied grout injection piles;
⦁ GEWI foundation piling;
⦁ Underwater concrete.
DVA was also responsible for the interface management and risk analysis of the construction pit.
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