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DVA engineering B.V. is ISO 9001 and VCA* certified
ISO 9001 and VCA* certified
Client project: Rijkswaterstaat (Department of Public Works)
Client: GMB Civiel B.V.
The diversion of the Zuid-Willemsvaart will lead to a more sustainable and better accessible Brabant by water. After the diversion, larger container vessels - with a maximum of three layers - will be able to sail through the Zuid-Willemsvaart to the container terminal in Veghel. After the diversion, large vessels no longer have to sail through the city centre. Open bridges and waiting cars would also be an issue of the past. The new locks at Empel and Berlicum can handle larger vessels. Bridges are being built over the new Zuid-Willemsvaart. The largest passage has a field span of more than 100 metres. All road and water connections are carried out by WillemsUnie.
DVA has provided a quality manager who has carried out second-line product and process tests, internal and external audits, and inspections as part of the internal quality assurance of WillemsUnie work packages (including the Hintham lock, the Graafsebaan bridges, Bruistensingel and Nieuw-Empelseweg bridges). 
Real added value for the entire team.
A. Giljam
GMB Civiel B.V.
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