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DVA engineering B.V. is ISO 9001 and VCA* certified
ISO 9001 and VCA* certified
Client project: Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Rotterdam
Management: Triplan, Hilversum
Client: Geka Bouw BV
In 1906, the GEB power station was completed in the Lloyd Quarter of Rotterdam, surrounded by the Nieuwe Maas, the Schiehaven and the Parkhaven adjacent to the Euromast park. In 2006, exactly 100 years later, the same Schiecentrale area was revitalised.
In cooperation with Geka Bouw BV, DVA has drawn up an alternative tender design during the tendering procedure.

By combining knowledge of the market (use of materials, rental) with a more attractive end product for the client (higher quality, total testing proves solution to be more advantageous than preparation according to request), this assignment was won.
Involvement in the end product appears to have been profitable. All parties in the process benefit from the alternative execution: clearly a win-win situation.

The construction pit was let until February 2005 and the resulting materials were used for the construction of a built quay wall in 2006.
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